Dutasteride 1 Mg

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Chronic Pain Management: Creating Positive Emotion

Chronic Pain Management: Creating Positive Emotion

Researchers have often focused on the link between negative emotion and chronic pain. Depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and fear can make pain worse. But, what about the role of positive emotions? The emphasis in research circles has begun to […]

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Coping With Pain - Restoring Hope

Coping with Pain: Restoring Hope

Researchers have  found that it is not unusual for people with chronic pain to also report feelings of depression.  Not surprisingly, being

Coping with Pain - Therapy Can Help

Living With Pain: Should You Try Therapy?

Chronic pain is a chronic stressor. For that reason alone, you may find therapy to be helpful. In addition, chronic pain has emotional, social, and psychological aspects that

How to Deal with Pain: Don’t be Sphexish

Coping with Pain: Don’t be Sphexish

A sphex is a type of wasp that is sometimes discussed in the context of "automatic behavior".  Before she lays her eggs, the female sphex digs a burrow. 

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