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You can learn to be thankful

Living with Chronic Pain: Discovering Gratitude

It can be difficult to feel thankful when you live with chronic pain.  Because pain may interfere with important areas of life, you may have suffered some difficult losses. Over time, you may have become more resentful and less thankful.   […]

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chronic pain management - journal

Chronic Pain Management: Anger, Pain, and Relationships

Living with chronic pain can be very frustrating. Not surprisingly, people with chronic pain tend to report

Notice the Positive

Living with Chronic Pain: Notice the Positive

It is not uncommon for chronic pain to be linked to depression. For example,  35% of the participants in one

Chronic Pain and Insomnia

Chronic Pain Management: Improve Your Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in the daily experience of people with chronic pain.  Of course,

Understanding Chronic Pain

In the presentation below, Dr. Ruehlman discusses the biopsychosocial model of chronic pain. Pain is so much more than the pain signal. Once you understand all of

Your thoughts can make depression and pain worse

Pain and Depression: Your Thoughts Make a Difference

If you have chronic pain, you may be at risk for depression. In one study, 35% of

Chronic Pain and Relationships

Chronic Pain Management: Helping Family Cope With Your Pain

Your family lives with your pain too. Although they can't feel what you feel,

Pain and Anxiety: Rinse it Out

Pain and Anxiety: Rinse it Out

In spin class, I have frequently heard instructors say  "rinse it out" after a particularly intense bout of cycling. I

Living with Pain and Anxiety

Living with Pain and Anxiety

Pain is often linked with anxiety. Let's face it, pain can

Living with Severe Pain: Take Control

Living with Pain: Take Control

Living with chronic pain may have led you to feel that you have lost control of your life. This is a natural and common response. Unfortunately, reduced feelings

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