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Don't give up on goals.

Living with Pain: Goals Matter

Chronic pain can make your goals seem unimportant or unreachable.  Your pain may interfere with your social goals, career goals, or family goals.  Personal goals like exercise, hobbies, reading, or learning something new may have fallen by the wayside too. […]

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Don't let pain define you

Living with Pain: Don’t Let Pain Define You

Living with severe pain can be a trigger for depression, a

Coping with Pain - Self Efficacy

Coping with Pain: Five Ways to Improve Your Self-Efficacy

Chronic pain often gets in the way of life. Pain can cancel, interrupt, delay, interfere with, and diminish living.  The worst part is that it can make you

Green ways

Living With Pain: Two Types of Coping

From birth, we are all faced with two basic questions: "What do I want or need?" and "How do I get it?"  Of course, we start out wanting

Living with Pain - A Fresh Start

Living with Pain: Make a Fresh Start

The start of the new year is often a time to reflect on where you have been and where you are headed. You may even have made a

Living with Pain - Find a New Path

Living with Pain: Finding a New Path

Your chronic pain problem may have knocked you off course. Your personal, vocational, and social goals may have been derailed. You may feel as though you are simply

Living with Pain: Cultivate Yourself

Living with Pain: Cultivate Yourself

One of the most common challenges of living with chronic pain are the losses that you

living with severe pain: planning matters

Living with Pain: Intentions versus Plans

Some of the healthy things you can do to manage pain involve changing your habits. For example, you may benefit from starting a regular exercise program, modifying your

Living with Pain - The Road Ahead of You

Living with Pain: The Road Ahead of You

One of the biggest challenges for people with chronic pain is that it can feel paralyzing. Your

Living with Severe Pain - Approach Avoidance Conflict

Living with Pain: Approach-Avoidance Conflict

Approach-avoidance conflict has a long tradition in psychology, having first been proposed by Dr. Kurt Lewin in the 1930s.  The idea is that some

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