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Notice the Positive

Living with Chronic Pain: Notice the Positive

It is not uncommon for chronic pain to be linked to depression. For example,  35% of the participants in one study who reported chronic pain were also depressed. Risk of depression was not associated with any particular pain type or […]

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Pain and Anxiety: Rinse it Out

Pain and Anxiety: Rinse it Out

In spin class, I have frequently heard instructors say  "rinse it out" after a particularly intense bout of cycling. I

Living with Severe Pain: Be Mindful

Living with Pain: Be Mindful

Mindfulness can be a useful tool for chronic pain management. According to Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, director of of the

Living with Pain - Fear and Attention

Living With Pain: Fear and Attention

Fear is a natural and common reaction to pain. When pain becomes chronic, fear

Mindfulness Meditation for Chronic Pain Management

Last week I attended the 31st annual scientific meeting of the American Pain Society in Hawaii. It was an

Living with Pain through Resilience

Living with Pain: You Can Learn to be Resilient

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Suzanne Kobasa Ouellette  introduced the concept of "hardiness".  In a study of

Living with Pain: Taking Care of Love

Living with Pain: Taking Care of Love

The people you love live with your pain too. Although they can't feel your pain, they watch you suffer and

snowy trees

Living With Pain: Embrace the Simple Joys of Living

The concept of mindfulness has received a lot of study in recent years. It has

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