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All posts in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Depression management

Learn to Manage Sadness and Depression Using an Online Program

Are you an adult who suffers from a chronic medical condition? Do you also struggle with depression? Would you like to try an online program to help you learn how to deal with your depressive symptoms better? If you answered […]

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Chronic Pain and Insomnia

Chronic Pain Management: Improve Your Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in the daily experience of people with chronic pain.  Of course,

Understanding Chronic Pain

In the presentation below, Dr. Ruehlman discusses the biopsychosocial model of chronic pain. Pain is so much more than the pain signal. Once you understand all of

Living with Pain: What Makes a Good Therapist?

Living with Pain: What Makes a Good Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist?

Coping with chronic pain can be very challenging. Many people with mild to severe pain have benefited from seeing a therapist. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is an

What is your pain schema?

Living with Pain: What's Your Pain Schema?

One of the great things about the brain is that it takes our experiences and organizes them into complex information networks. As experience grows, these networks change to

Living with Pain through Resilience

Living with Pain: You Can Learn to be Resilient

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Suzanne Kobasa Ouellette  introduced the concept of "hardiness".  In a study of

Living With Pain - Let Yourself Breathe

Living with Pain: Let Yourself Breathe

I have written a great deal about the negative thoughts that are so easy to get caught up in when you live with chronic pain. I have covered

no regrets

Living with Pain: Depression and "Negative Fortune Telling"

Chronic pain and depression sometimes co-occur.  It has been estimated that

Living with Pain - Depression and Negative Self Talk

Living with Pain: Depression and "Self-Talk"

If you have chronic pain, you may also be depressed. For example, one study found that among

Living With Pain - Rumination and Depression

Living with Pain: Rumination and Depression

Not everyone who has chronic pain is depressed. However, chronic pain and depression sometimes go hand-in-hand. It has been estimated that

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