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All posts tagged anxiety and pain

Understanding Chronic Pain

In the presentation below, Dr. Ruehlman discusses the biopsychosocial model of chronic pain. Pain is so much more than the pain signal. Once you understand all of the factors that impact your pain experience, you can better appreciate the importance […]

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Pain and Anxiety: Rinse it Out

Pain and Anxiety: Rinse it Out

In spin class, I have frequently heard instructors say  "rinse it out" after a particularly intense bout of cycling. I

Living with Severe Pain - Manage Your Fears

Living with Pain: Manage Your Fear

Pain can be scary. If you have chronic pain, you may

Chronic Pain Management and Anger

Living with Pain: Anger Hurts

You may have many reasons to feel angry, frustrated, and put upon by your pain, your treatment experiences, and the way your life has become disrupted. This is

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