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living with severe pain: planning matters

Living with Pain: Intentions versus Plans

Some of the healthy things you can do to manage pain involve changing your habits. For example, you may benefit from starting a regular exercise program, modifying your eating habits, including meditation as part of your daily life, or losing […]

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Living with Pain - Plan to reach your goal

Living with Pain – Don’t Give Up on Goals

Life is richer when you can pursue the things that matter, such as love, work, feelings of competence, being part of a caring social network of family and

Living with Severe Pain - One Goal at a Time

Chronic Pain Management: One Goal at a Time

Living with pain makes it hard to stay on track. You may have found that your pain has gotten in the way of your social life, your ability

Coping With Pain - Restoring Hope

Coping with Pain: Restoring Hope

Researchers have  found that it is not unusual for people with chronic pain to also report feelings of depression.  Not surprisingly, being

Living with chronic pain: Making the tough choices

Living with Chronic Pain: Making the Tough Choices

Recently, I saw 127 Hours, a film based on the true story of mountain climber and adventurer, Aron Ralston.  An 800-pound boulder fell on Ralston

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